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On Feeling Again

The word "alleluia" suggests celebration, joy and a grateful spirit. As we all return to feeling again, let's all strive to find our connection with community, friends, family and, most of all, moments of unbridled happiness and peace. I wish these things for you today as you work, play, grow, grieve, laugh - wherever you are - reach for that better feeling - reach for your inner spirit, your inner wisdom which always reassures us that all is well - that you are loved - that this too shall pass - that you are enough - that you are worthy - that you are gifted - that you matter. May you find your true spirit of optimism as you listen. Wishing this for you and so much more... ~Kathy~

(I hope you enjoy this performance by the Eric Whitacre Singers of Alleluia from the album "Water Night.")


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