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On Splashing Around

Splashing around can be invigorating, surprising and - fun.

I am imagining kids playing in a pool - body surfing in the ocean - cannon balls into a lake - exploring new ideas at a meeting.

Making a splash can surprise the people around us. It can take our own breath away as the cold water touches our skin. We might even take a few tumbles along the way as we're splashing around.

And then we pop up - feel the sun - look to the light and breath.

What images of happy splashing around come to mind for you?

For me it means creative time at work - brainstorming with a team - facilitating a meeting - teaching a class - learning something new - creative time at home - setting an intention to laugh - spending time with family and friends. It's play time - and it's essential to each of us.

Several years ago, I offered a "Gift Discovery Retreat" (with virtual versions now in the works). The retreat and my writings on the subject are designed to help us reconnect with the things we love to do - the things we're good at - the innate gifts and talents that, when we're lucky, we use for a whole lifetime.

When we use our gifts, it can feel like the best of splashing around - sprinkling refreshment on the people around us.

In my quest to "keep it simple" this week - I want to thank you for splashing around. The positive ripple effect from seeing people do it and the impact of hearing people laugh and hearing people play is real.

Thanks for doing it.

Splashing around can get messy - but thanks for playing anyway. We all need a little playtime - and a few ripples from the laughter around it.

Let it flow....


© Kathy Sturgis, PhD

Kathy is founder of Refreshment Zone and is an organizational and personal development specialist with a doctorate in communication. Contact to schedule a program that elevates your team/organization or to arrange a coaching sessions that supports your success.


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