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Lift Some Weights

We are in the midst of new beginnings in our home. A few months ago, we decided to do some simple renovations. I write to you as painters are painting - and after a week of carpet ripping, pounding, booming, hammering, sweating, carrying and more. We can't find our socks and as we finish projects and begin to restore our home spaces, I write, prepare for teaching at NC State and embark on new client work.

It truly is a disaster zone - and as I decide what to put back on my shelves and think about shedding weights - my husband is in here arranging his shelves. Those of you who have been with me at Refreshment Zone know that my husband is a musical conductor; I just asked him - "what's a beautiful piece of music that will bring peace?" Immediately he recommended this calming piece that I listen to right now as I think of you with a smile on my face. Wishing you peace, joy, and the shedding of unnecessary weights. See this week's newsletter for more "weighting lifting" tips. ~Kathy~


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