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Reconnect with your purpose, power and passion.

In addition to our customized onsite programs, we offer a limited number of public programs and events throughout the year. Two of our most popular empowerment programs are listed here. More programs are in the works including "Life Purpose 101" and "Managing Transitions: Getting Life Lessons & Tuning into Your Inner Wisdom." Stay tuned for details!

Gifts are meant to be opened, embraced and shared. Rediscover your inate gifts, skills and passions. Start planning to make yourself a priority today. New day. Fresh Start. Renewed you. Your renewal starts with gifts.

Gift Discovery Retreat
Nonprofit Transformation
3 Steps for Facilitating Forward Motion

What do successful nonprofit leaders do? This seminar will lead you through some best practices in nonprofit transformation that you and your leadership team can apply as you move forward.

January Gift Discovery Retreat


Gift Discovery Retreat

Saturday, January 26, 2019

9 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

MacGregor Downs Country Club

Cary, NC


Find your gifts and purpose will find you.

~Kathy Sturgis~

Gifts are the innate qualities, talents, abilities and sensibilities that make you special. They are meant to be opened, embraced and shared. Start now by rediscovering your skills, passions, gifts and purpose.


At our retreat, you’ll love….


  • Increasing your awareness of your innate gifts, talents and sensibilities

  • Exploring your gifts through guided activities and exercises

  • Discovering the connection between gifts and life purpose

  • Receiving a “Gift Discovery Workbook” to utilize throughout the year

  • Creating goals and an action plan for utilizing your gifts

  • Experiencing an energetic, optimistic, thought-provoking and productive day


Join the Refreshment Zone team for this gift-receiving experience which takes inspiration from our founder, Dr. Kathy Sturgis, who has written extensively on this topic. She is joined by her creative team ~ Kay Jamison, Kimberly Lowe and Aleece Spalding ~ who bring inspiration, energy and wisdom to the program.


Gifts are meant to be opened. Your purpose is waiting to be reinvigorated. Find your next steps with us.


Who Should Attend?

This workshop is ideal if you are feeling stuck, are looking for new direction or are in the midst of work/life transition (e.g., empty nest, career change, job loss, work dissatisfaction, graduation, retirement, etc.).


An elegant lunch is included. Lunch will be prepared by the chef at MacGregor Downs Country Club and beautifully served by their team. 


Make yourself a priority. Find your next steps with us.

Here's what our attendees are saying:


"A wonderful journey of introspection and self-revelation."


"I loved the group exercises and spending the day with (and meeting) like-minded people searching for life purpose and self-awareness. Workbook is very inspiring and motivating - can’t wait to complete at home."


"Wonderful Speakers! You crafted an amazing, inspiring workshop! Your enthusiasm is infectious!"


"Very insightful. I missed a cardiology conference today, but the knowledge of cardiology will be out of date in 1 year. The knowledge and gifts from this workshop will last a lifetime."


"The Gift Discovery Retreat is a vacation into yourself and time well-spent finding your life’s purpose and the gifts you were meant to share with the world."


"As an engineer, I really enjoyed the organization and process to walk through a “touchy feely” process. The retreat exceeded my expectations. It was a great combination of a left-brained process to help you come to right-brained introspection and life purpose."


"I knew I had a yearning in my soul but I didn’t know how to bring it to fruition in my life. Discovering my gifts brought my dream to a clear goal."


"I would certainly recommend this seminar to others in transition or to those just needing a tune-up!"

May 2019

Nonprofit Transformation:

3 Steps for Facilitating Forward Motion

What do successful nonprofit leaders do? This seminar will lead you through some best practices in nonprofit transformation that you and your leadership team can apply.


As a result of attending this seminar, you’ll be motivated and empowered to:


  • Identify and embrace your unique leadership strengths

  • Articulate your specific leadership vision

  • Delegate and recruit the “right” people who will help you make the dream a reality

  • Assess systems, processes, structures and culture while building collective vision

  • Establish a plan for addressing key priorities and building sustainable structures

  • Determine realistic goals and next steps


Join the Refreshment Zone team for an empowering day of possibility thinking. The seminar will be led by Dr. Kathy Sturgis who brings extensive background and experience in organizational development and communication as well as expertise in nonprofit leadership and planning. In addition to her “on the ground” experience as a civic leader, she has served nonprofits at the local, national and international levels for 25+ years. Seminar material will be energized and expanded by the Refreshment Zone team, Kay Jamison, Aleece Spalding and Kim Lowe who bring a wealth of professional and nonprofit experience. All have served catalytic roles in a number of nonprofit organizations.

Who should attend? This seminar is a must-attend for volunteer leaders and board members who will be stepping into new leadership roles. The material is ideal for nonprofit board members and volunteer leaders in many settings (community leaders, church leaders, school leaders, etc.).


Join us for this catalytic day.


Here's what our attendees are saying:




"An outstanding refresher to the knowledge I already have about strategic planning. Programs like this help keep my momentum going."

"Awesome! Thank you so much."

"Enjoyed the light hearted, positive environment for the workshop."

"Thoroughly enjoyed this process. I realized there is so much room for improvement in my organization. I can't wait to share workbook and suggestions."


"Thank you for a great seminar! Upon rereading the assessment questions and SWOT, I had an epiphany that I could apply these same strategies to areas of my personal life as well. Thanks again for such an inspirational morning!"

Nonprofit Transformation

...creating momentum for positive change

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