Serene music can assist in calming anxiety. These are times when a little serenity and balance may help calm the internal waters of our minds and hearts - and even steady our pulse rates a bit. Marconi Union's "Weightless" was utilized in research conducted by the University of Pennsylvania's Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care.The findings suggested that serene music (like this) proved nearly as effective in easing hospital patient's jitters as some medication options provided. If this music doesn't do the trick for you, find some other nerve calming music to reclaim your balance as you anticip...

Exchanging ideas is invigorating and fun.

I had a client reach out to me last Friday about a strategic planning project – it was so much fun to strategize together about the work that needed to be done. For both of us, it was the last meeting on a Friday afternoon. It was the end of a long week and I think we both left feeling surprised, refreshed, invigorated and hopeful.

That’s what conversations of possibility do.

So many strategic conversations have been delayed due to world events – COVID-19 and the racial revolution have reorganized our thinking and our actions in important ways. 

Organizations have delayed strategic p...

Hearing is innate to many of us. Listening is a learned skill.  

Because it is a skill - like tennis or golf - we can practice and improve our ability. And now is an important time to listen more than we speak.

This is one of those times when listening may be more important than talking. 

We learn a lot from listening and many times, our friends, colleagues, and family members just need to “talk it out.” Solving problems (a.k.a. talking) is not always the best strategy.

The next time you sense someone needs to “talk it out,” integrate any one of these 5 tips.

#1: Summon Presence

When you sense that another person nee...

Increasingly, virtual meetings are being utilized to enhance productivity, engagement, connection and communication.

However, more meetings do not always lead to improved outcomes or higher engagement.

We have all witnessed some messy meetings in the last few months - lots of ceilings, 10-minute delays for "technical difficulties", sleeping/barking dogs in the background, etc.

Virtual meetings, like in-person meetings, are strategic momentum creating opportunities. Wise leaders choose to invest their time in preparing for a virtual meeting as carefully (or more carefully) as they would for an in-person meeting.

This articl...

This post is dedicated to all the organizations and individuals who are "pivoting" during this difficult time. Wherever you are - you are not alone. Thanks to my husband whose organization produced this; he and the North Carolina Master Chorale continues to bring beautiful music and hope into my life. I am wishing you beautiful moments of hope and the knowledge that you are not alone. ~Kathy~

As I lay in bed - eyes open each night, this article has been running through my mind. I wrote it long ago when internal/external organizational changes came and went for my clients - always too slowly but always inevitably passing. Like most everything around us, it's time for a re-write - and here it is....

These days it feels like we are on a monster boat ride - end destination not quite certain - aftermath not quite clear. Change often feels like that - one particular ride comes to mind.

A little while back, my family and I took a ride on a "Monster Boat" on the east coast of North Carolina. It...

I hope the text of this beautifully haunting song gives you wings for a moment  - when I first heard it, I closed my eyes and imagined myself flying - letting the wind take me away for just a moment - wafting peacefully with the wind. 

The Victor Hugo text that is the basis for this arrangement is designed to inspire courage in the face of adversity. It tells the story of a little bird who feels a tree limb give way beneath her but sings because she has wings to fly. Thanks to my husband who put this song before me - the parking lot performance gives a unique and current performance venue. Here is the...

This is one of my favorite songs - when I first had dreams of creating productions like this, Morten Lauridsen's Dirait-On was always on my mind and in my heart. The work is based upon a text translation of a poem by Rilke; the section that inspires reads - "Who you are sustains you eternally, so they say; your very being is nourished by its own enlightened reflection.” For me this text encourages us to recognize and share the best of ourselves with others. I hope it restores your energies. The music is performed by the Los Angeles Master Chorale, Paul Salamunovich conducting. Let it heal your soul and celebrate the best...

Connecting with one another and expressing our feelings is good for our health - and also supports the health of those with whom we are connecting. Been thinking of someone? Reach out and tell them. Researchers report that healthy interpersonal support systems mitigate stress and difficult life experiences. (Like now.) Wellness research argues that connecting with others -  talking to one another and expressing our feelings - is healthy and boosts serotonin levels - an important neurotransmitter that, among other things, creates feelings of well being. When we connect with one another, we are boosting our own levels of h...

This Refreshment Zone production is for children of all ages and is intended to facilitate healthy discussions of gifts and talents. The story is written by Kathy Sturgis, PhD, illustrated by Leo Hageman and features the impish vocal talents of narrator and musical conductor Al Sturgis as well as original music and background sounds created and performed by news anchor and Grammy-award winning musician Bill Leslie. Visit Refreshment Zone for original and inspiring content and ordering information for Dance of the Chameleon. This production is dedicated to all who are battling Covid-19 from the front lines and/or from a p...

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